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of All National Truck-ins to date

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Date Location Date Location
1st 1973  Tiger Run, Colorado - Rocky Mountain Vans of Denver 25th 1997  LaPlata, Maryland - Maryland Van Council
2nd 1974  Bonner Springs, Kansas - Vans Am 26th 1998  Altamont, IL. - Mid America Vanners
3rd 1975  Bowling Green, Kentucky - Midwest Vans 27th 1999  Butler, PA - Three Rivers Vans. Inc.
4th 1976  Colorado Springs, Colorado - Rocky Mountain Vans 28th 2000  Duanesburg, New York - North East Custom Van Assoc. Inc.
5th 1977  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Redland Vans 29th 2001  Beaver Dam, Wisconsin - Moon Light Vanners Ltd.
6th 1978  Laurel, Indiana - Midwest Vans Ltd. 30th 2002  Hillsboro, Ohio - Southern Ohio Van Council.
7th 1979  Cortland, Ohio - Buckeye Van Association Inc. 31st 2003  Kansas City, Kansas - Hard Core Vanners
8th 1980  Alpine, California - West Coast Vans 32nd 2004  Harrison, Michigan - Van Club Association of Michigan
9th 1981  Colorado City - Colorado Van Nationals Committee 33rd 2005  Summit Station, Pennsylvania - Performance Inc. & Moon Light Vanners Inc.
10th 1982  Angola, Indiana - Illiana Vanners Ltd. 34th 2006  Harrisonburg, Virginia - Vanners Affair Inc.
11th 1983  Cortland, Ohio - Steel Valley Street Vans Inc. 35th 2007  Cortland, Ohio - Northeast Ohio Van Congress Inc.
12th 1984  Wesson, Mississippi - Dixie Van Nationals Committee 36th 2008  Altamont, Illinois - Mid America Street Van Association
13th 1985  Humansville, Missouri - Ozarks Van Nationals Comm. 37th 2009  Summit Station, PA - Moon Lite Vans Inc. & Performance Inc.
14th 1986  Du Quoin, Ill. - Downstate Ill. Van Nationals Comm. 38th 2010  Greenwich, New York - VanNY
15th 1987  Richmond, Rhode Island - Mass Transit Vans Inc. 39th 2011  Old Washington, Ohio - Vans On The Run
16th 1988  Springfield, Ohio - Vans on the Run 40th 2012  Elkhorn, Wisconsin - Dairyland Vanners
17th 1989  Buena Vista, Colorado - Colorado Van Council Inc. 41st 2013  Old Washington, Ohio - Van Nationals Board
18th 1990  Lone Oak, Texas - Texas Van Federation 42nd 2014  Greenwich, NY - By Vanners for Vanners
19th 1991  Greenwich, New York - Northeast Custom Vans 43rd 2015  Altamont, IL - Hard Core Vanners
20th 1992  Beaver Dam, WI. - Dairy Land Van Nationals Comm.    
21st 1993  Harrisonburg, Virginia - V.A.M. Inc.    
22nd 1994  Los Banos, California - Nats Out West    
23rd 1995  Chillicothe, Ohio - Southern Ohio Van Council    
24th 1996  Lebanon, PA - Pennsylvania Van Council    

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