Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 41st Nationals is now history. It was a huge success with over 650 vans from all over the country, and the world, attending. 
Here are a few of the pictures we were able to take. 
                      There were a lot of goodie bag donations.
The bags took several hours and a lot of help to put together
This is your host group!  What a motley crew
Head Quarters on opening day
And V O T R  printing event shirts
There were kids activities every day
The N.U.T.S. bus kept hauling people around all weekend. A big thank you to Vans On The Run.
The adult games were a hoot !

Porta johns being placed..Everyone needs a place to go.   LOL
Opening  ceremony!!  lets go!



Several shots of the green panel from Colorado.  more later

The public show was well attended on Saturday.  We opened it for the public and collected food for the food bank as admission
The bad news is that it rained EVERY DAY.   On wed. there was a bad storm with 80mph winds that took out nearly every tarp cover in the place. Tis was one of the lucky ones
Show field on Friday for judging.  141 vans competed for the awards
Wed. evening was the Nats Board meet and greet.  The free wieners went fast LOL 
Flying pigs. Need I say more?
Gathering for the opening ceremony 
This panel made National truck-in history.
Mothers was a major sponsor, and gave us tons of giveaways!
Jeff Cindy Lou Hyde won the Flying Eagle award and Best in Show with that beautiful panel truck.  The first ever panel Best of show and the first to win both awards

Every t-shirt from the 1st nats to the 40th!
Main gate prior to the Nats beginning
There was a swap meet for van stuff on Thursday.  this has been very popular of late.
      We collected for the local food bank. A truck load of food and $500.
There was a contest for the kids to collect can tabs. The winner Aidan, turned in 48.17 lbs.  Second place, Delancy, was 42.5 lbs   GREAT JOB!!   Here we are delivering 186 pounds of tabs to Ronald McDonald house..  That's over 223,000 cans of something....
There were 660 vans in attendance this year. 
Here is some food for thought.  The 39th Nats were held at these same grounds 2 years ago.  There were 614 vans at that Nats.  That was an increase in attendance over the last Ohio Nationals held in 2007.  Both were the first time in 30 years that there was an increase in attendance over previous Nats held in the same state.   Also the highest attendance recorded in the last 10 years. Also the only time the Nats has been at the same site only 2 years apart.  Seems like the Vanners like this site.  Next years Nationals will be back in New York.  See you all there!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Time to hit the road.

The directions  to the Nationals. 
                 The Guernsey County fairgrounds sits just off the I-70 freeway. Just east of Cambridge Ohio. When you see this sign,   get off. Turn north.  Go to the stop sign  turn right,  The grounds are 1 mile on the left.

Monday, July 1, 2013


 One week from now, the vans will be arriving. We have nearly everything ready to go. Bibles are printed, trophies are finished, all the arrangements made.  We are ready to open the gates.      As mentioned before, we will be opening the gates at 9 am on Monday for early arrivals.  There is a extra camping fee for each early day. We have some activities planed for those days. All the bathrooms and showers will be open. The Nats. officially opens on Wed. at 10 am. so come celebrate the 40th anniversary of the National Truck-in with us.  
    We will have an emergency phone number at the grounds if some one needs to contact us for any reason.  Our security personnel will be answering it and can reach anyone that you may need to contact.  Call  610-850-1292.

      Here is the schedule of events for the 41st Nats. 


            10 AM      Opening Ceremony near front gate

Tune into radio WVAN - 104.1 FM hosted by Rollie. your DJ for the week!
Tune in for all of your all your Nationals Truck-in
® information

                           Headquarters opens under the grandstand

            11 AM      Come get your Goodie Bags and Vanner Scrip

            11 AM      T-shirt booth opens

                           N.U.T.S. bus starts its rounds

            1 PM       Family activities start Triskaidekaphobia arena

                           (Adult must accompany the child for all children’s activities)

                           How to Judge a van Class at the south end of the grandstand

            2 PM       Van Race under the pavilion (must be 18 or older to play)

            3 PM       Pick up Geocaching sheet at headquarters

            3 PM       Adult Vanner  Yahtzee under the pavilion         

            5:30 PM  Vanners Night In” starts under the pavilion

                               We are serving dinner. Pulled pork and slaw. Come join us.  its free till its              


7 PM       Casino stroll begins (Must be over 18 to play)

               Don’t forget to get your Vanner script at headquarters

8 PM       Headquarters closes

10 PM     Kids off of the midway

            11 PM     Casinos close and auction begins in the Triskaidekaphobia building

             Midnight  Nuts bus stops



            9 AM      Headquarters opens under the grandstand

            9–11AM  Swap meet under the pavilion

            10 AM     N.U.T.S. bus starts its rounds

  T-shirt booth opens

                          Geocaching continues, pick up sheet at headquarters

            10-2        Van wash by the Lady Warriors Hoopsters from the local high school  $5.00

            11 AM    Show and Shine Classification begins on the Show and Shine field

  Family activities (1 child and 1 adult for all children’s games)

  Technophobe (fear of speed) Hot Wheels Race

  Followed by Ova phobia Race (fear of eggs) Egg Relay           Race

                          All games will be played under the pavilion

            Noon       Show and Shine Classification ends

                          Geriatric Volleyball. Bring your lawn chair (5 people-team)

  in the Triskaidekaphobia arena hosted by Three Rivers Vans

            2 PM      Van Racing under the pavilion (must be over18 to play)

            3 PM      Adult Game Corn Hole(2 person team) under the pavilion

            6 PM      Vannin.com booth open for meet and greet

            8PM       Headquarters closes

            9-11PM   Teen Night at the dance in the Triskaidekaphobia arena

            9 PM      Band “Gryphons” on party stage behind vendors row

                          First band break – A special sneak preview of “Vannin”- the movie

                          Second band break+ – Game-“Bananas” (adults only game!!)

  After the band- Game – “Freeze Me” (adults only game!!)

            10 PM     Kids off the midway, Teens at dance until 11

            Midnight  Nuts bus stops




            8:30 AM  Line up for Show and Shine begins

            9 AM      Headquarters opens under the grandstand

                          Final classification begins on the show field

                          N.U.T.S. bus starts its rounds

            10 AM     Classification closes and judging begins.

                          You must be in line by 10 am, no late entries

            11 AM     Family Activities (1 child and 1 adult for all children’s games)

  Hydrophobia relay (fear of water) Water Relay

                          Followed by Neophobia (fear of anything new) Bean Bag Toss

                          These games will be on the van judging field

            Noon      Turn Geocaching sheets into headquarters


Friday Continued

            1 PM    Hydrophobia (fear of Water) Water Fall (adult game under the pavilion,

                         4- person team and you will get wet)

            2 PM     Van Racing under the pavilion (must be over18 to play)

            8 PM    Bright and Shine line up starts on the track

                         Headquarters closes

            8-10 PM Kids’ movie. Must be over 6 and accompanied by an adult) in the Triskaidekaphobia arena

            9 PM     Bright and shine judging begins

            9 PM     Band – ‘MR. BLOTTO’ on the Cabela’s stage

                         First band break - Men’s and Women’s Beer Chugs Contest      

10 PM    Kids off of the midway

Midnight? Mr. and Miss 41st Nationals



            Midnight  Nuts bus stops




            9 AM      Headquarters opens under the grandstand

            10 AM     Line up for Public show and shine gate closes at 10:45

            11-2PM  Public Van Show on Show and Shine Field “Peoples Choice Voting”

            10 AM    N.U.T.S. bus starts its rounds

            10 AM   Post Office arrives to do a special cancellation stamp for the Nationals

                         This will take place at headquarters till 2 PM.  Post Card with Postage $1.

11AM     Family Activities (1 child and 1 adult for all children’s games)

 Triskaidekaphobia Hunt (Scavenger hunt)

Noon    Hot Wheels races & Model Van Contest under the Grandstand

             Raffles are drawn and announced on radio. Posted in headquarters

            1 PM     Family Activities (1 Child and 1 adult for all children’s games)

 Nyctophobia (fear of the dark) blind obstacle course

1 PM    Turn in Triskaidekaphobia <<<<<<<<<

             Turn in your pop-tops.  The child who turns in the most by weight wins a

             $25.00 gift card

2 PM    Van Racing Finals (must be over18 to play)                              

3 PM     Slow Drags (last one to the finish line) in front of the grandstand

             Any raffle winnings not picked up will be redrawn 

4 PM     Burn Out Contest???? Grandstand

6 PM     C OF C and 42nd Nats Raffles

             Awards begin and headquarters closes


8-10 PM Kids movie (must be over 6 accompanied by an adult) in the Triskaidekaphobia arena

8:30 PM Band – ‘MR. BLOTTO’ all new show on the Cabela’s stage

10 PM    Kids off of the midway

Midnight  Nuts bus stops


Sunday             Time to pack-up and go home.  Please put your trash by the road

                        Thank you for attending the 41st National Truck-In!

Hope you had as much fun attending as we did hosting it.

See you next July 16-20 at the 42nd Van Nationals in Greenwich, New York

                         Drive safe and thank you for coming

            10 AM     Turn in all golf carts