1st 1973 Tiger Run, Colorado - Rocky Mountain Vans of Denver

2nd 1974 Bonner Springs, Kansas - Vans Am

3rd 1975 Bowling Green, Kentucky -Midwest Vans

4th 1976 Colorado Springs, Colorado Rocky Mountain Vans 

5th 1977 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Redland Vans 

6th 1978 Laurel, Indiana - Midwest Vans Ltd. 

7th 1979 Cortland, Ohio - Buckeye Van Association Inc. 

8th 1980 Alpine, California - West Coast Vans 

9th 1981 Colorado City - Colorado Van Nationals Committee 

10th 1982 Angola, Indiana - Illiana Vanners Ltd. 

11th 1983 Cortland, Ohio - Steel Valley Street Vans Inc. 

12th 1984 Wesson, Mississippi - Dixie Van Nationals Committee 

13th 1985 Humansville, Missouri - Ozarks Van Nationals Comm. 

14th 1986 DuQuoin, Ill. - Downstate Ill. Van Nationals Comm. 

15th 1987 Richmond, Rhode Island - Mass Transit Vans Inc. 

16th 1988 Springfield, Ohio - Vans on the Run 

17th 1989 Buena Vista, Colorado - Colorado Van Council Inc. 

18th 1990 Lone Oak, Texas - Texas Van Federation 

19th 1991 Greenwich, New York - Northeast Custom Vans

20th 1992 Beaver Dam, WI. - Dairy Land Van Nationals Comm.

 21st 1993 Harrisonburg, Virginia - V.A.M. Inc.

 22nd 1994 Los Banos, California - Nats Out West

 23rd 1995 Chillicothe, Ohio - Southern Ohio Van Council 

24th 1996 Lebanon, PA - Pennsylvania Van Council

25th 1997 LaPlata, Maryland - Maryland Van Council 

26th 1998 Altamont, IL. - Mid America Vanners 

27th 1999 Butler, PA - Three Rivers Vans. Inc. 

28th 2000 Duanesburg, New York - North East Van Assoc. Inc. 

29th 2001 Beaver Dam, Wisconsin - Moon Light Vanners Ltd.

30th 2002 Hillsboro, Ohio - Southern Ohio Van Council. 

31st 2003 Kansas City, Kansas - Hard Core Vanners 

32nd 2004 Harrison, Michigan - Van Club Association of Michigan 

33rd 2005 Summit Station, Pennsylvania - Performance Inc. &            Moon Light Vanners Inc. 

34th 2006 Harrisonburg, Virginia - Vanners Affair Inc.

35th 2007 Cortland, Ohio - Northeast Ohio Van Congress Inc. 

36th 2008 Altamont, Illinois - Mid America Street Van Association 

37th 2009 Summit Station, PA - Moon Lite Vans Inc. & Performance

38th 2010 Greenwich, New York - VanNY 

39th 2011 Old Washington, Ohio - Vans On The Run 

40th 2012 Elkhorn, Wisconsin - Dairyland Vanners 

41st 2013 Old Washington, Ohio - Van Nationals Board 

42nd 2014 Greenwich,NY - By Vanners for Vanners 

43rd 2015 Altamont, IL, Hosted By Hard Core Vanners

44th 2016 Lakeland, FL, Hosted By Sunshine Vanners 

45th 2017 Mansfield, OH, Hosted By Vans on the Run 

46th 2018 Rensselier In. Hosted by Truckin In To Tomorrow 

47th 2019 Greenfield Ma. Hosted by The New England Van Council. 

48th 2021 Albert Lea Minn. Hosted by Twin City Vans.

49th 2022 Old Washington,Ohio. Hosted by Vans on the Run and TIT.

50th 2023 Sterling,Co. Hosted by Hard Core Vanners.


  1. I was at the fourth truck in Colorado Springs.stayed stoned all weekend