Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Meetings in Seattle

Congratulations to North west Van Council for Hosting a great Council of Council’s meeting.  During our meeting we advanced several people.
Paul “Chooie” Walsh is advanced up to Nats Board Member.  Cathy Smith, Smiley Wilson, Amy Hale, Cindy Lou Hyde, and Michelle Seward are all advancing from support staff to alternates at large. Congratulations to all.
 We want to thank Art Kahler, Lew Skoko, Sonya Koome, and Dan “Dimples” Richard for their service and hard work for the nationals.
 Our entire purpose is to promote the National Truck-in®. if you have any thoughts or ideas for the Nationals or if would like to join us in our efforts to Preserve the Nationals, please e-mail or call one of us. All our e-mail addresses or phone numbers are listed under Board members on this web site.