What Class is my Van in ?

Frequently Asked Question #2

{ the year breaks have been updated / this list will be updated soon }

How are vans classified for the Show ?

Year Breaks
Full-size Vans:

Ford                            General Motors                       Chrysler/Dodge
61-67                                       64-70                                       64-70
68-74                                       71-77                                       71-78
75-83                                       78-83                                       79-83
84-91                                       84-95                                       84-93
92-08                                       96-                                           94-03
Euro                                                                                       Euro
Ford:                           Aerostar
Other (Windstar, Freestar, Etc.)
Chevy/GM                 84-89
Dodge/Chrysler         84-95
Campervan         Vans that are converted more for camping than customized.  Can be earlies or current models
Eurovan              Sprinters, Transits, VW front engine, etc.
Rear Engine        Self-Explanatory-Corsairs, VWs, etc.


To further break down the competition, we have established the following criteria:

Street Custom             0 Changes

Mild Custom               1-6 Changes

Full Custom                7 Changes

Beginning in 2007, vans which have won best of show twice will be ineligible for the best of show award unless enough changes have been made so as to render the van unrecognizable.  These vans will be invited to participate in a circle of champions for special awards.

Beginning in 2007, the Nat’sâ board will judge and present a special separate award to the best van never before shown at a Nat’sâ.

All vans will remain eligible for all other best of awards.

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