Starting 2007 the Nats Board has sponsored the Flying Eagle award.  It is awarded to be best overall van, shown at the National Truck-in for the first time. This has become a coveted award, with many vanners building vans just to compete for it. Several have been winners of the Best of Show award at the same Nationals.  Here are the winners by year so far.

2007           1968 Chevy Van    Dave Collins

2008          California Dream’n  Early Ford Econoline.   Tom Chronister


2009        Meatwagon        John Kisielis

2010 Alain Tessier    Chevrolet van 1995










2011 Silverado 1973 Econoline   Tom Chronister









2012   Nemo    William Wickersty   Ford Econoline








2013   Jeff & Cindy lou Hyde   1939 panel



2014   Marty Sooby    1969 GMC

2015   Gary Hersman     Dodge

2016 Captain’s Quarters   Richard Von Brocken 1976 Ford

2017 Number 9  Frank Costa

2018   Nightstalker   1977 Chevy    Cody Reynolds


2019 Boogaloo    Dodge    Josh Wheeler


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