What are vans being judged on ?

Frequently Asked Question # 3

Owner's Name:Van #:
Van Name:
Full SizeFordStreet (0  body changes)
MiniChryslerMild (1 - 6 body changes)
PanelG.M.Full (7 - or more body changes0
Tandem AxleOtherRadical (body shape or dimensions altered)
Other4 x 4
Max Pts.Pts. GivenInterior
0-20Front Compartment (Seating, dash / console, floors / walls / ceiling)
0-40  Behind the front seats to back doors (Seating, floors / walls / ceiling, cabinetry, etc.)
0-30Accessories & Electronics
0-7(up to 4) for proper Fire Extinguisher, (up to 3) for other Safety Items 
0-20Overall Design & Quality
117Interior Point Total
Max Pts.Pts. GivenExterior
0-50Major Bodywork (Radical mods, chopped, sectioned, etc.)
0-20Front End Modifications (Grille, lights, hood, bumper, etc.)
0-20Fender Modifications (Front & rear fenders, sides of van)
0-15Door Modifications (All doors)
0-10Windows (All windows - front, rear, sides) (Engraving, etching)
0-10Rear End Modifications (Lights, bumper, etc.)
0-10Roof Modifications (all)
0-20Overall Design & Quality
165Exterior Point Total
Max Pts.Pts. GivenPaint
0-30Paint (graphics, murals, pinstripes, candy colors, gold leaf, pearl, etc)
0-10Door Jambs (Paint and door seals quality & cleanliness)
0-20Overall Design & Quality
90Paint Point Total
Max Pts.Pts. GivenEngine & Chassis
0-20Engine (Cleanliness, paint / plating, detail, engine mods, exhaust system)
0-40Chassis (Front/rear suspension, cleanliness, paint, plating, detail, wheel / tires, air bags, hydrolics)
0-20Overall Design & Quality
80Engine & Chassis Point Total
Grand Total
Judges Name:
Other Comments:

July 2019

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