Thursday, February 23, 2017

Vanner Memorial

While at the Council of Councils meeting Judith brought up the Vanners Memorial. As most of you know it is at the Vanning Museum because it just got too big to carry around. 

Judith make a proposal that we have a VANNING MEMORIAL BANNER which would be much easier to move and manage. 

Just how would it work? 

Vanners would send in Memorial patches and they would be attached to the banner and displayed at Council of Council and Nationals. So if you want this to work search through your things and send Judith your memorial patches and she’ll get this rolling. 

You can mail the patches to Judith from now till mid-April or see her at a truck-in this summer. She’ll be at Spring Back, Spring Fever, Mid-West, Van Fest, Vans across America and of course Nationals. If you want to mail them to her after she leaves FL, contact her and she’ll give you an address.

Please share this with your friends and lets see what we can get going.

PS is anyone has and extra Dave Pilon patch Judith could use one.