What is a Van?

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  What is a Van 

                             This is a Van

This is not a Van

The following is a list of Vehicles that would be accepted into the Nationalsâ  This list is only to be used at the Nationalsâ and does not regulate what can or cannot come to any local eVANt.  Local eVANt attendance is governed by the host club and the custom of the area,

Vehicles considered vans in Foreign countries not available for sale in the US.  This is a gray area and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Beginning in 2007, vans which have won best of show twice will be ineligible for the best of show award unless enough changes have been made so as to render the van unrecognizable.
These vans will be invited to participate in a circle of champions for special awards.

All vans will remain eligible for all other best of awards.

Types of vehicles to be let into the Nationals

Panel Truck                                            yes          Olds Silhouette                                       Yes

Windowed panel (pre 73)                      yes           Pontiac Trans Spots, Montana               Yes

Swat truck/bread truck or step van        yes           Buick Terrazza                                       Yes

Explorer motor home (dodge)               yes           Isuzu Oasis                                             Yes

Ambulance/Van (not Cube)                   yes           Ford Transit (all), Windstar,                   Yes

                                                                               Freestar Aerostar                                     Yes

VW                                                        yes           Sprinter (all)                                            Yes

MPV                                                      yes           Mercury Villager, Monterey                    Yes

Nissan Quest                                          yes           Vantage Van-go                                       Yes

Dodge, Tradesman, Sportsman, Safari,   yes         Chevy Van, Lumina, Venture, Savanna,  Yes

Dodge, Caravan (all), Voyager, Pacifica yes         Chevy Express, Astro, Beauville             Yes

Hand Built box/mutant Vans chassis     yes           Gypsy                                                       yes

HHR Panel                                             yes           GMC Van                                                yes

Toyota Sienna, Hi Ave                          yes            Rally                                                        yes

Honda Odyssey                                     yes           Nomad (not the car)                                 yes

Econoline                                              yes            Chang'an Tiger Truck  (Mini Van)           yes

Hearse/Sedan Delivery                         no

Van up                                                   no

Cube Van (ambulance                           no

Class “C”                                              no

Transvan                                               no

PT Cruiser                                            no

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