Thursday, September 10, 2015

the nats have NOT been cancelled. had posted an event for the nats on their Facebook page as has been done the past few years, but was later asked to delete it because the host club wanted to handle it themselves.

when the event was deleted from the page, it sent out email to everyone saying it was cancelled.


The only thing cancelled was the event listing on facebook, the nats are still on, and as always, you can check for the latest information and upates.

there is also an official thread on 

Sorry for any confusion. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

A quick update from our CofC meeting.

One of the things we discussed at Council of Councils in Denver was the need for an updated Vanner AID list and an easier way for folks to add to the mobile Vanner Memorial.

to that end, we have a couple of new links for you.

First, if you want to participate in the "Vanner AID" program, please follow this link;

Vanner AID is whatever you can offer to fellow vanners that are travelling in your area.. from a place to camp out for a night or two, to garage use if they break down, or just a ride, etc.
The information you provide will be made available "publicly".. it will be here, and on, etc, so that vanners can locate it when they need help.
Even if you have added your name to this list before, please do so again, as we are scrapping the old list completely, as it is very out of date.

The mobile Vanner Memorial is a computerized display that we take to the Nats and CofC that displays information about fallen vanners, we needed an easier way for you to get that information to us in a format we can use, so again, new form..

The results of this form will go to the nats board for use in updating the mobile memorial.
The more info you provide, the better, tell a story, give as much detail as you can.  If you have added someone before, go ahead and add them again just to be sure we have accurate information.