Why isn't the National Truck-In® held in my area ?


The National Truck-in® was established to travel from year to year to different parts of America.

 It’s important to note that hosting the National Truck-In® requires significant planning, coordination,

 And financial resources.

 The decision on where to hold the National Truck-in® is based on several factors.

 One of the main considerations is the availability of a suitable location that can accommodate a

 large number of participants and their vehicles. The Nats attracts vanners from all over the country,

 so, the host location needs to have adequate Infrastructure, amenities, and support services for

 attendees. The host group must also have experience in organizing and managing such events to

 ensure its success.

 The process is for the group to find a facility and obtain a conditional contract for the dates.

Now form a corporation and obtain insurance to protect all persons involved. A Nats Board

 Member must visit and approve the site before a final decision on accepting the bid. After

 assembling a group and a place, put together a bid package to present to the Nationals Board at their

meeting at the next Council of Council’s meeting in February. That consists of:

a completed application form, a letter of intent from the grounds, insurance company, and

an emergency health care plan (emergency facilities, tornado shelters, etc.)

An outline of what you will be offering YOUR guests. A theme if you want one.

A video or slide show of the grounds.

If there has not been a National Truck-In® held in your area yet, it may be that there has not been

  a strong enough interest or commitment from local vanners to take on this responsibility.

Additionally, logistical challenges or lack of suitable venues could also be contributing factors.

If you are interested in bringing the National Truck-In® to your area, consider reaching out to

 fellow vanners in your community who share your enthusiasm. By forming a dedicated group

and demonstrating your capability and willingness to host such an event, you can increase the

chances of having future National Truck-Ins® held in your area.


We are here to help, contact any Board member for further information.

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