Tuesday, November 27, 2018

46 Nationals Van Show Results
61-67 Ford - Street - 2nd placeRobert CarterTulsa TimeOld Econoline
61-67 Ford - Street - 1st PlaceTodd DuncanPanda Vans INOld Econoline
61-67 Ford - Mild Custom -  2nd Steve ConnIndp MOIn memory of Brian Walker
61-67 Ford - Mild Custom  - 1stGary LarkinCustom Coaches PAIn memory of Brian Walker
by Long time Vanners
68-74 Ford - Street - 2ndJohn & Carla RappaOut to Lunch Bunch
68-74 Ford - Street - 1stDoyle McKayAction Vans MITwin Bat Sticker Co.
68-74 Ford - Mild Custom - 2ndKevin MooreGreen Fuzz
68-74 Ford - Mild Custom - 1 stErin EdmisterHy-Rollin 
68-74 Ford - Full Custom - 2ndTom ChronisterWheels of Confussion
68-74 Ford - Full Custom - 1 stRay "June Bug" ColeInterstate TruckersRunnin Wild Truckers
75- 83 Ford - Street - 2ndRyan TempeltonVan Fools  MI
75- 83 Ford - Street - 1stBryan CountsInd  OHSide Show Gallery
75- 83 Ford - Full Custom - 2ndEd & Amy GrayCounty Line Vans
75- 83 Ford - Full Custom - 1 stDenise HorneVans on The RunMarius Stromsvag Nordic V C
84-91 Ford - Street - 2ndGearld AbdellElmherst IL
84-91 Ford - Street - 1stViki CarterInd FloridaIn Memory of Greg "Odie" Gears
by Mid West Vans
84-91 Ford - Mild Custom  - 2ndTim BowrisInd 
84-91 Ford - Mild Custom -1stCharles " goat" StricklesOther TruckersMarius Stromsvag Nordic V C
92 - 08 Ford - Street - 2ndMark WatermanRelentless Vanners FL
92 - 08 Ford - Street - 1stCale CappsFore Play Vanners FLBrian Hayes
92-08 Ford - Full Custom - 1stLew GregerNova Vans Marius Stromsvag Nordic V C
09 + Ford  - Street 2ndLarry RathburnMove-n-Truckers
09 + Ford  - Street 1stDan WerryAdventure Vans  FLRevolution Tatto Chicago
Ford Transit Current - 2ndMark DeBreeHRV County Line Vans805 Firestone Walker
Ford Transit Current - 1stYvon St. MarceillesVandreiul PQ805 Firestone Walker
Aerostar – Street - 1stShawn FoxBluegrass Vanners
Best Ford Denise HornVans on the Run
64-66 Chevy - Street - 2ndNick AndersonHyrollinVCVC
64-66 Chevy - Street -  1stSteve MillerLumber Jacks WIVCVC
64-70 Chevy Mild 2ndBrandon SkufcaVans Panels and Animals VCVC
64-70 Chevy Mild 1st Dwayne SadikThere Goes the VCVC
64-70 Chevy Full 1st Mike DohanueVCVCVCVC
67-70 Chevy - Street - 2ndRobert MattiaInd MIVCVC
67-70 Chevy - Street  - 1stGeorge "Taz" FlamentHy RollinVCVC
71-77 Chevy - Street - 2ndBlack BeardBlue Grass VannserGreen Demon Vans
71-77 Chevy - Street - 1stEdward & Jackie MikanOther Truckers
71-77 Chevy - Mild Custom - 2ndCorbin FitzpatrickBluegrass VannersVanners on Vidio "OOP & JO
71-77 Chevy - Mild Custom - 1stMike Apelons Interstate Truckers 
71-77 Chevy - Full Custom  - 1stMike FlanaganInd IL
Florida Van Council
78-83 Chevy - Street - 2ndPaul QuickHarrisburg CruisersFlorida Van Council
78-83 Chevy - Street - 1stScott Campbell Ind Osceola IN
78-83 Chevy - Mild Custom - 2ndMark TurkNortheast Custom Vans
78-83 Chevy - Mild Custom - 1stJim KeelyFlyin DutchmanMarius Stromsvag Nordic V C
78-83 Chevy - Full Custom - 1stDave LaRueRamblin Vans MN
Florida Van Council
84-95 Chevy - Street - 2ndRob HallCanadaVantasia Vans 
84-95 Chevy - Street - 1stEd & Jo Ann GrayCounty Line Vans WI
84-95 Chevy - Mild Custom - 2ndJohn & Mona dodaroNortheast Custom Trucks OH
84-95 Chevy - Mild Custom - 1stAixa ThompsonInterstate TruckersMarius Stromsvag Nordic V C
84-95 Chevy - Full Custom - 1stTom & Meg SpeirsMidwest Vans 
96 + Chevy - Street - 2ndKilroy HeserBar City Vans WI 805 Firestone Walker
96 + Chevy - Street - 1stWilliam EverhartAction Vans MI
90-94 Mini Chevy - Street - 2ndDon SwartInd OH
90-94 Mini Chevy - Street- 1 stRenee HeserBat City Vans WI
95 + Mini Chevy - Stree- 1 sttDanny RobinsonMovin Truckers
95 + Mini Chevy - Mild Custom - 2ndKen Nopoli Pirate 
95 + Mini Chevy - Mild Custom- 1 stGlenn PilgreenToopa Sinner Tribe NC
Best Chevy Dave LaRue
64-70 Dodge - Street - 2ndBlaine Goitia Voodoo City VansScotty :"8" Door
64-70 Dodge - Street- 1 stMike CrangleHy Rollin 
South East Van Council
71-78 Dodge - Street - 2ndPhil & Wendy MartinSusquehanna Valley VansSouth East Van Council
71-78 Dodge - Street - 1sDon DeyoMN
71-78 Dodge - Mild Custom - 2ndPaul Shoremount Nova Vans Florida Van Council
71-78 Dodge - Mild Custom - 1sTim LudwigInd  Co
71-78 Dodge - Full Custom - 1sGary HershmanRohresvill MD
79-83 Dodge - Street - 2ndGlen WellsDairyland Vanners 
79-83 Dodge - Street - 1sTim PalkoThere Goes the Marius Stromsvag Nordic V C
79-83 Dodge - Full Custom - 1sOpp & Jo Katerba Gold CoastFlorida Van Council
84-93 Dodge - Street - 2ndDoug & Jenn BabinVan Fools MIVans on Video.com Oop & Jo
84-93 Dodge - Street - 1sRex HuseltonInd PA
94-03 Dodge - Street - 2ndHenry GauntCape Atlantic Truckers  NU
94-03 Dodge - Street - 1sKeith GrayVantasia Vans KS
96 + Mini Dodge - Street - 2ndGary GorkeyCVA Co
96 + Mini Dodge - Street - 1sStan ShippCape Atlancis Truckers NJ
Best Dodge Scott Clause Midwest
4X4 Chevy - 1stMarty VieraInd TX
4X4 Ford - 1stRob GoodonFt. Wayne IN
Panel Truck - Dodge - 1stWilliam EverhartAction Vans of MI
Early Panel Truck - Chevy - 2ndBruce WoldorfNOVA VA
 Early Panel Truck - Chevy - 1stKeith AnwaerteInd FL
Panel Truck - 4x4 - 1stBob Tierney Sunrise Truckers NJ
Pannel Current HHR - 2ndTony GuyaderPannel Brothers  Ontario CA
Pannel Current HHR - 1stRoy MaitlandPannel Brothers  Ontario CA
Ford Classic Van - 2ndDon FishStone City Street VansSlowly We Roll Vanzine
Ford Classic Van - 1stBill BiggersOld Econoline
Chevy Classic Van 2ndAndy KacsanekVintage Chevy Vans
Chevy Classic Van !stBlake HarnerGateway Vans MO
Ford Camper Van 1st Doug DiehlInd Ontario Ca
GM Camper Van 1st Carol & Ray FriedrichCentral Florida Vans 
Dodge Camper Van - 2ndJamey GeradiInd Fl 
Dodge Camper Van - 1stBob HooverInd OH
Tandem Chevy - 1stIvan BenicWinsdor Ontario CAMarius Stromsvag Nordic V C
Radical Ford - 1stWilliam "Wick"  WickerstyVantasia Vans
Radical Mini Astro Neil DeckerFreaker Heights, MI
Radical Chevy - 2ndMike Apelons  Interstate Truckers  OH
Radical Chevy - 1stJoyce & Marty SoobyInd Texas
Radical Dodge - 2ndJason ThompsonVan Fools of MI
Radical Dodge - 1stWoody ClauseMidwest Vans
Pupp Van Rowan
Long Distance Continental USKarl & Nancy Novato CA 2196
Long Distance InternationalMariusNorway
Long Distance Canada Bob & Nancy Hendricks
Youngest VannerLylla Wylds3 weeks
2% Vanners
Largest van Club Mid West Vans
Grim Creepers Van Club
Vanners Appriciation AwardJudith Pilon
Solemn Oath Brewery
Best Use of Animation Tom & Panmoesner Sin Box
BEST SPECIAL EFFECTSWickNemo805 Firestone Walker
UNDER 10 LIGHTSJune BugHot BoxCustom Van.com
INDIRECT LIGHTINGPaul Shoremount  Jump TownVan Fools of Michigan 
TECHNOLOGYDon Deyo  Orango InfernoCustom Van.com
BEST EXTERIORJoyce & Marty Scooby Bluetopia805 Firestone Walker
BEST INTERIORMike Apalons VangerineWI Van Council In
BEST OF SHOWCharles  SticklesGoat Memory of our fallen vanners
BEST MURAL:WickNemo VanGold Rush Signs
BEST PAINT:Cody ReyonldsInd KnightstalkerV.O.I.C.E. OF New York
BEST ENGINE:Gary Larkin  Alpine ExpressCustom Coaches
BEST ELECTRONICS:Don Deyo Orange InfernoFlorida Van Council
BEST USE OF WOOD Marty VieraWhisky SundownJordon Gullett (the Damn Van
BEST THEME:Bryan CountsDino VanVandels
BEST GRAPHICS:Kevin Moore  Green FuzzAlpine Spring Water
BEST ENGINEEREDMike Apelons  Squirt805 Firestone Walker
BEST EXTERIOR:Tom & Meg SpiersAlpine Spring Water
BEST INTERIOR:Mike Apelons  VangerineAlpine Spring Water
BEST OF THE BESTJoyce & Marty SoobyBlue TopiaSouthern Ohio Van Council
FLYING EAGLE Cody Reyonalds KnightstalkerNational Truck-in Board
BEST OF SHOW:Greg Cooper SurfinkNational Truck-in Board

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Retirement !

This year Charlotte Jackson and Ray Whitley are Retiring from the Nats Board.

 Charlotte has served on the Board since 1991 and Ray since 1988.

 We would like to thank them for their many years of faithful

 service and dedication.

Bill Seward has replaced Ray. We will be choosing a replacement for 

Charlotte in February.

 If you are interested in becoming a part of the National Truck-in Board please 

submit a resume and become a part of the support team, so you can work your

 way up.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The 46 th National Truck-in, epilogue

The 46 th National Truck-in is in the history books.

720 vans in attendance, with a lot of 1st timers to the Nats.

186 vans participated in the Show.

200 vans in the Corn Field Cruise to town.

Congratulations go out to the Truckin' in to Tomorrow Crew

For a job well done.

Here are several of the videos made during the 46 th Nats

Judith Pilon Awarded 9th Annual Vanner Appreciation Award.

46th Van Nats Cornfield Cruise 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

46 th Nationals Trophys

 Van friends if you’d like to sponsor a trophy for the event now is the time! Please visit our web store to see the listings of trophies available for sponsor.

           Click here to sponsor a Trophy for 2018

  The art for our Show n Shine plaques are sculpted by world renowned artist Jimmy Cleveland.  After sculpting Jimmy makes us a silicone mold of the original. Using this mold we pour the plaques from casting resin, then we hand antique each plaque and paint in color with a brush. It’s a long process but we believe the result is top notch and you deserve no less for competing and placing in the Show N Shine.

We appreciate your support greatly and look forward to handing out these awards.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

the 46th Van Nationals is coming!

The 46th National Truck-in, hosted by "Truckin in to Tomorrow"
will be held July 23-29, 2018 at Jasper County Fairgrounds, in Rensselaer, Indiana

you can find pre-reg, and all other info at http://www.vannationals.com