Saturday, October 15, 2022



Constructed with donated wood.
Cost of nails, 45 dollars


872 Vans through the gate.
892 if you count the host's clubs vans.

Photo by jjlighting

There were 20 vendors


25 Golf carts were rented


43 porta-pots were rented
12 by the hosts and 31 privately


2,184 20 pound bags of Ice was sold.


Ohio weather destroyed about 150 Pop-Ups.


Four Forty yard dumpster were filled


200 T-shirts were ordered before the event
500 T-shirts were sold at the run
even more T-shirts were ordered for delivery after the event


325 Hot Dogs were served at the Meet and Greet
along with 6 gallons of baked beans
and 50 pounds of Cole Slaw


331 vans left the fairgrounds to go on the Cruise


52 Vans entered the light and Brght Show


225 Vans participated in the Van Show


48 Children and 36 Adults were awarded Games Trophies


122 Trophies awarded for the Van Show
also 12 Special awards


$4,000 dollars of Fireworks was exploded

Congratulations to Vans on the Run and Truckin into Tommorow !

You purservered thru the lack of sleep and countless aspirin to Host one heck of a Van Nats. Well done!

Here is Just a few Listings of More coverage on the internet: opening part 1 part 2 part 3 lite show urban transit van show show by class beach show beach cruise fri nite

Thursday, September 8, 2022

49th Van Nationals ** Van Show Winners


ClassWinnerVan NameCLUB / Location
Aerostar 2ndChuck JacksonSweet Mini Black Sheep Vans  VA
Aerostar 1stBob Schultz Springboro OH
61-67 Ford - St -2nd  PlTodd Duncan Panda Vans IN
61-67 Ford - St -1st PlJim Rothwell Akron, OH 
61-67 Ford Mild 1st PlGary LarkinAlpine Express Custon Coaches, PA
61-67 Ford Full 1st PlJoe YorkaviatzJust GroovinReading Pa
68-74 Ford - Street - 2ndJohn & Carla Rappa Out to Lunch Bunch RI
68-74 Ford - Street - 1stDoyle McKayBall Room Blitz Action Vans of MI 
68-74 Ford - Mild - 1stJoe MadoniaPanic in DetroitHudson, FL
68-74 Ford - Full - 2ndRay & June Bug ColeHot BoxInterstate Trucker OH
68-74 Ford - Full - 1stStanley GlenmbaskiDay DreamSuffild CT
75- 83 Ford - Street - 2ndBryan CountsDino VanInd, OH
75- 83 Ford - Street - 1stDon & Becky NoonePirates of the CaravanVantasia Vans KS
75- 83 Ford - Mild -1stDell Wilson BVA OH
84-91 Ford Street 2nd Kelsey BloomBarbieMilan MI
84-91 Ford - Street -1stJim and Lisa  KarenbawerPink Panther  
84-91 Ford - Mild -2nd Charles "Goat" SticklesGoat-TOther Truckers WI
84-91 Ford - Mild -1stKone headVanborginieAdventrue Vans, FL
92 - 08 Ford - Street - 2ndCale CappsShogunFVC
92 - 08 Ford - Street - 1stJeanette Janette Wine & RosesVanarchi
92- 08 Ford - Full CustomLew GregerFreespirit 
09 + Ford - Street 1stChuck JacksonLong Stand Black Sheep PA 
84-89 Chev Mini Mild 1st Tony Clark CBS  OH
95+ Chevy Mini Street 2nd Steve NemithSlow Ride   Flyin dutchman PA    
95+ Chevy Mini Street 1st Nancy & Jeff PettiWife's ToyLiberty Vans WI
95 + Chevy Mini MildMike BentonCU BowlinVanarchy 
64-66 Chevy - Street - 2ndShawn McCadden DuDe VanVCVC
64-66 Chevy - Street - 1stRobert MattiaBang YellowBakers of Milford MI
67-70 Chevy - Street - 2ndCody Poston    VCVA   
67-70 Chevy - Street - 1stDan Leclair VCVC
64-70 Chevy - Mild -2ndThomas KillmeyerFlatsheildVCVC
64-70 Chevy - Mild -1stDwayne Sadlik There Goes the Neighborhood
 64-70 Chevy-Full 1st  Clarence BurnsMystery MachineBVA
71-77 Chevy - Street - 2ndChuck & Barbara Burgessthe Jail Bird   Freaks of Nature    
71-77 Chevy - Street - 1stMik/LexAnn Hitchcock All 4 FunN. Coast Custom Truckers 
71-77 Chevy - Mild - 2ndChris GarguiloTranquilityInd NY 
71-77 Chevy - Mild - 1stDoug Long Middlebourne WV
71-77 Chevy- Full 2ndKen Arorey Vannerz
77-17 Chevy Full 1stJeff McCaslandDragon HeartNE Cusgom Van
78-83 Chevy - Street - 2ndBev Johnson-Lamoureux Wild Thing Blue Van Group
78-83 Chevy - Street - 1stLee Kyles Chicago Night MovesChevy Unlimited Van Club 
78-83 Chevy- Full 1stJim NewkerkLove ShackVannerz 
84-95 Chevy - Street - 2ndDerek Oldenburgthe Depths Below Vanarchy 
84-95 Chevy - Street - 1stJason Turnerinto The KnightInd IN
96+ Chevy Street 2nd Beverly BrownJennifer VanisonIN TX 
96+ Chevy Street 1st Tom MazurTurtle VanJello Land
96+ Chevy Mild 1st Ken HopcraftVannaOFV Breslow Canada
84-93 Mild 2ndMike MasterStranger In a Strange vanWNY Van
84-93 Mild 1stAixa ThompsonGool BreezeInterstate Truckers OH
96+ Dodge Mini Street 2ndGary Gorkey Colorado Van Council
96+ Dodge Mini Street 1stScott HeckertW.A.S.P.Sin city vans/Tribel Vans 
64-70 Dodge - Street - 2ndBill Carson Ind MI
64-70 Dodge - Street- 1stBill OttoNeverland TransitMoon Unit 
64-70 Dodge Mild 1stDavid DixonCustonCustom Coaches PA 
71-78 Dodge - Street - 2ndSullen JoeNo Name is good enoughWilloughby Waco's  Oh
71-78 Dodge - Street - 1stWayne LouisHurricane SeasonVanarkey 
71-78 Dodge - Mild - 2ndDave & Kathy SchrollSunsetEZ truckers OH
71-78 Dodge - Mild - 1stTim LudwigJust a fantasyind IN
71-78 Dodge - Full - 2ndJennifer ClarkBoogie Nights FL
71-78 Dodge - Full - 1stPaul ShoremontJumptown VanNova Vans
79-83 Dodge - Street - 2ndLauren ClarkGlucky StrokFlyin Dutchman PA
79-83 Dodge - Street - 1sDan SmithVan BurgandySan Diago CA
79-83 Dodge Full 1st Jo & Oop KaterbaLightningFVC
84-93 Dodge Street 2ndno show  
84-93 Dodge - Street - 1stDalton PringleRoadhouse North Branch MI
84-93 Dodge - Mild - 2ndBob BundyIn the BloodUpstate Vanners
84-93 Dodge - Mild - 1stLarry FlossJust EnoughSalt City Vans
94-03 Dodge - Street - 2ndKevin Wenger Flyin Dutchman PA
94-03 Dodge - Street - 1stHenry GauntAfterburnerCape Atlantic Trucker NJ
4x4 Ford 1st Rob Goodwine BettyFt Wayne IN 
4X4 Chevy - 1stSteven LahnTigerbareCity Vans Ct
Panel Truck Chevy 2nd Larry FlamentOld BlueHyRollin 
Panel Truck - Chevy 1stMike & Suzy PhillipsOld School   #3 Trails    
Panel Truck - Dodge 1stRandy Boyd Vans on the Run
Panel Truck-in Ford 1st Jeff & Cindylou Hyde Jeckel & HydePikes Peak Vans
HHR 2ndDenny HaneMooneyesColorado Van Council
HHR 1st Chris Wiselil VanBlack Sheep OH
Euro Van 2nd Pam DamronPlay HutFinger Mt Vans  NV
Euro Van 1st Charlie PinedaStarriderPsycho Vans SC
Euro mini 1stSteve Moreblack Sheep 
Classic Van 2nd Christopher Schmidt  
Classic Van 1stEric Neff  
Camper Van 2ndRon RobertsJulieHead East VD Bas Ass
Camper Van 1stJoel Wisenbarger  
Tandem ChevyIven BenicCosmic Cruser Windsor, Ont Ca
Radical Ford - 2ndRonold LaustsenThe BirdChristopher Schmidt
Radical Ford - 1stKen SchwarzLethal ChopTricky Truckers
Radical Chevy 2nd Mike Apelons 
Radical Chevy - 1stFrank Costa #9VCVA
Radical Chevy Mini 1st Clarance Burns EphipanyBVA
TrailerTim LudwigInd 
 National Truck-in Board Don Noone  
Life Time Achievement Brian Bowe  
Vanner Appreciation 2021Don Noone  
Vanner Appreciation 2022Charlotte Jackson   
Long Distance Tom Selke Roseville Ca 
Long Distance World Kerstin & Uwe MaassGermany
Largest Club Mid-West Ltd  
Youngest VannerSawyer More  
Oldest VannerCharotte Jackson  
Bright and Shine    
Best Use of AnimationJim Newkirklove Shack 
Best Special EffectsStan GlenboskiDay Dreams 
Under 10 lightsJune BugHot Boxmake Plate
Indirect LightingPaul ShoremountJumptown 
Best ExteriorBill WilliamsTaz attach  
Best InteriorKoneheadVanberginiAction Vans
 Bright & ShineDon & Becky NoonePirates of the Caravan 
 Best of Show   
Best PracticalKen HopcraftVannaCanada
Best PaintJason Turner Ind Soutbend IN
Best EngineWayne LouisHurricane 
Best ElectronicsGeorge " Taz" FlamentTaz VanHyRollin Vans of IL
Best WoodworkingJennette LewisWine & RosesOH
Best PinstripingJeff McCaslandDragons DenNE Custon Vans
Best ThemeJoe MedoniaPanic in DetroitBreezen Easy 
Best FlamesMary DavisSparklesCAVE
Best MuralRob McKinnneyMistic Dreams 
Best GraphicsDayal McKayBallroom BlitzAction Vans
Best EngineeredStanley GlenmbaskiDay Dream 
Best ExteriorMarty & Joyce ScoobyBlue Topia 
Best InteriorDon & Becky NoonePirates of the CaravansVantasia Vans
Zeitgeist AwardRenne & Cotton Jackson Vans on the Run
Baffler AwardIvan BenicCosmic CruiserWindsor Ont Canada
Best ChevyEd MikanJack Daniels other Truckers
Best FordBob MauriceVandoo LoungeSteel Valley  OH
Best DodgeJ R & Glenda SammetSweet EmotionFVC
Flying Eagle AwardJennifer ClarkBoogie Nights FL
BEST OF SHOWFrank Costa #9