Mission Statement

The Nation's Premier Van Event ®

Mission Statement

The Mission of the National Truck-In ® Board is to not only ensure the continuation of a consistently improving, safe and economical National Truck-In ®, but to provide a celebration of the van for the vanning community, and to encourage the regular practice of rotational locations across the United States so that all vanners in society, regardless of sex, age, social background, can join in that celebration.

The original National Truck-in Board ® was announced in 1980.  The original members of the board were hand-picked by Rocky Mountain Vans, holders of the National Truck-in trademark.  R.M.V. later turned the trademark rights over to the board.  

The purpose of the Nats Board is to administer the Nationals, by taking bids and awarding the rights to each year’s hosts. The Board checks out sites and potential host groups to help insure that the Nationals is as good as it can be each year. Board members are volunteer vanners from around the country, that have a passion for the Nationals and vanning. 

The Board consists of 9 members, 9 alternates, and a support team that attends the Nationals every year to help the host run various activities, mainly the show and shine.  There is a Board meeting at every Nationals and in February at the Council of Councils meeting.  Anyone desiring to join us in our mission to preserve the National Truck-in, please attend one of our meetings.

The National Truck-In® Board By Laws

The board consists of nine members, nine alternates, and a support team.

The original board was chosen by Rocky Mountain Vans, originators of the National Truck-In®.

Purpose of the National Truck-In® Board is to:

  1. Administer the National Truck-In®.
  2. Entertain and review bids annually from potential National Truck-In® hosts.
  3. Evaluate potential National Truck-In® sites
  4. Ensure continuity of National Truck-In® from year to year

Members, alternates, and support team are required to attend one meeting per calendar year. Upon missing 2 meetings in a calendar year said member's position will be reviewed.  If the member (including alternates and support team) is at the National’sรข or Council of Councils, they must attend the entire board meeting unless they are the chairperson of said event and are called away. 

Requirements for becoming a Board member:

1.  must be a Van owner

2.  must be at least 21 years of age

3.  must be active in the Vanning community

4.  must have attended the National Truck-In® on a consistent basis

5.  must submit a resume ***

Membership guidelines:

In the event that a member vacates his or her position their position will be filled by one of the alternates at large by voting approval of a majority of the nine board members.

A voting member who is unable to attend a meeting is required to designate an alternate to vote as their proxy.  They are required to notify the chairperson prior to the meeting.

When an alternate at large vacancy occurs the position will be filled by the solicitation of resumes from qualified Vanners. A selection committee will review and submit final candidates to the National Truck-In® board for a vote.

All decisions of the National truck-In® board will be determined by a simple majority vote of total members present. A quorum is required of a minimum of five members to conduct business and vote.

Membership votes will require a minimum of five votes to confirm. The vote to replace a member will be held at the February meeting.          

National Board members will vote on all procedural matters, financial matters and membership.

All alternates at large present will vote to determine National Truck-In® bids, board functions, fundraising programs, and whether or not the National Truck-In Board® will host a National Truck-In®.

Alternates at large and support team are expected to work on committees and function in public as a representative of the National Truck-In® board.

All members (including members at large, and support group) must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.  Any action detrimental to the National Truck-in® or the National Board® will be grounds for review of said persons membership, and when necessary, appropriate action will be taken by the Nine Nationals Board® Members.

The Treasurer position if not a member or member at large will have a vote.

These by-laws adopted by majority vote on February 22, 2018.


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