Judith Pilon

I started Vanning in ’76.
A neighbor got me interested, so we bought a van and started working on it. Dave was in the Navy and sent to sea before we could attend a meeting together, so I went to my first CaraVans of Jax meeting without him. After 2 events I decided that Vanning was for me. Dave came home 6 months later and really liked it as well … as they always say …
And the rest is history.

So here goes with the history:
I’ve attended way too many Van-ins to get an accurate count but upwards of 800. I have not missed a Nationals since ’82. I’ve been on the Nationals Board since ’91.
I’ve attended the Council of Councils meeting since ’81.
I’ve help host 52 van-in and I’ve been Chairperson of 16 Van-ins as well as the Chairperson of the 41st Nationals.
I’ve been a member of the Florida Van Council since 76 and have held the following offices:
Newsletter Editor “81-86” Vice President “86 and 87” President “88 and 89” I belonged to caravans of Jacksonville from 76-79, Central Florida Vans 79 to the present, While in CFV I’ve held the office of President, VP, Secretary, Editor, and Council Rep since 90 I was a member of Midwest Vans for 3 years, In 82 at the Council of Council meeting I was asked to keep track of all the events throughout the country. For the next 10 years I did a column called “Around the World in a Van”. Clubs, Councils and individuals would send me the info and I would compile it manually (way before Computer) and publish it in the Florida Van Council newsletter which was sent to all the clubs attending the Council of Councils. I am once again doing this for the FVC web page, however it is much easier since the advent of the laptop.

I now own a 91 Dodge van. It is my 4th Dodge.
We had a 66, 76, 87 and now the 91. I also own a 93 Safari. Both vans have over 285,000 miles on them
The 91 has won numerous local and several National awards.

I have been retired from Darden Restaurants since 2003. I now travel 5 months of the year and try to attend at least one new long time event per year.

My Motto’s are:

“Lets get the work done so we can Party” and “You have to play as hard as you work”

For fun besides Vanning I Ski dive, white Water raft and travel. To afford to do all the fun things I now do home repair during the winter and work at Publix supermarket.

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