Saturday, October 15, 2022



Constructed with donated wood.
Cost of nails, 45 dollars


872 Vans through the gate.
892 if you count the host's clubs vans.

Photo by jjlighting

There were 20 vendors


25 Golf carts were rented


43 porta-pots were rented
12 by the hosts and 31 privately


2,184 20 pound bags of Ice was sold.


Ohio weather destroyed about 150 Pop-Ups.


Four Forty yard dumpster were filled


200 T-shirts were ordered before the event
500 T-shirts were sold at the run
even more T-shirts were ordered for delivery after the event


325 Hot Dogs were served at the Meet and Greet
along with 6 gallons of baked beans
and 50 pounds of Cole Slaw


331 vans left the fairgrounds to go on the Cruise


52 Vans entered the light and Brght Show


225 Vans participated in the Van Show


48 Children and 36 Adults were awarded Games Trophies


122 Trophies awarded for the Van Show
also 12 Special awards


$4,000 dollars of Fireworks was exploded

Congratulations to Vans on the Run and Truckin into Tommorow !

You purservered thru the lack of sleep and countless aspirin to Host one heck of a Van Nats. Well done!

Here is Just a few Listings of More coverage on the internet: opening part 1 part 2 part 3 lite show urban transit van show show by class beach show beach cruise fri nite

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