Tuesday, January 22, 2013


       With the new year comes a building excitement for the next National Truck-in.  We have been working behind the scenes, nailing down all the boring stuff. You know, contracts  with suppliers and services. Most everything is in place at this point.  Our entertainment committee has finalized the entertainment for the Nats and I will have details on what may be the best music and stage show yet .  We are still looking for clubs that want to host a casino game in their camp for wed. night.  This should be a lot of fun.  Something different and it is designed  to get you out to socialize with the other vanners.

    You may have noticed on the flyer that we will be operating a low watt radio station during the entire event. We are using this as an inprovement on the  public address system.  When you are in your camp it is hard to hear speakers on poles especially if you are listening to music in your  camp  or the camp next to you.
     We will be playing classic rock music and taking requests 24hrs  a day  from Monday till sat night.   Our announcers will be making announcements over the radio as well as playing tunes & keeping you informed of everything going on at the Nationals.  We are also working on a simulcast of the stage shows, so you won't miss anything , SO...
bring your boom boxes, radios, home stereos and of course your van sound systems and keep them on 104.1 FM , WVAN RADIO!

     Also  we now have the details for anyone wishing to rent a private porta pot for the week.  We have negotiated with the same man that did the johns for the 39th. He did an excellent job of maintaining them and was prompt and reliable.  He has given us a very reasonable price of $100 per unit for the week
starting Monday of Nats week. This includes daily cleaning and stocking. If you wish to acquire one of these units please get your reservations in early.  We must know a final count by the first of June. Check the pages column on the right for details!


  1. BVA will run a Black Jack table or maybe craps not sure yet. I know there is many of us used to having the craps...

  2. awesome,, we will put you on the list. thanks!!