Thursday, June 27, 2013

Simple requests for the Nationals.

Simple requests for the Nationals.

 Don’t bring fireworks or firearms

 Your dog must be on a leash and the leash must be attached to someone or something.
Please pick up after you pets.

Adults will be allowed to ride bikes on grounds. You will be responsible for any damages and must have lights for after dark.. no skateboards please

 Don’t forget to bring canned goods for the local Food Bank.

 Do come ready to have fun.  We have been working hard getting ready for you.

See you all soon.


  1. does this include little scooters/small motor-driven vehicles used for putting around? just clairifying bc i dont wanna bring my 5mph putter bike if its gonna cause a ruckous.

  2. we have modified this to allow adults with bikes. any motorized vehicle needs insurance and lights. as long as you are sane and responsible. you are good to go.